What can we expect of video marketing in 2021 and should businesses be investing in video?

Short answer: YES!

It is a known fact in the marketing world that video content is king and has been for well over a decade. These days it’s seen (or at least should be) that well-produced video content which reflects your brand’s image and message is crucial to gain online interest. Not only does good video content make your business look more professional, it’s the perfect tool to educate people quickly and efficiently about what you can offer them.

In a recent study by Hubspot, new data has been published that shows what this year holds for video marketing and video production agencies globally.

Their research suggests that video marketing remains a key priority for marketers as its demand massively increased during 2020 and will continue throughout 2021. During the pandemic, there has been an overwhelming rise in the amount of online video that people watch.

Companies and digital marketers feel confident with investing in video content as it has a high return of investment due to its heavy influence with website traffic, sales, leads and audience understanding. 

The study states that the impact of the pandemic has made 91% of marketers feel video is more important for brands to create awareness. All this suggests that demand for video content is set to continue to grow this year.

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