Using video to promote Stroke Education

The Medtronic Neurovascular Stroke Academy is a comprehensive therapy training programme to help participants to develop their expertise and achieve better patient outcomes. The Medtronic NV Stroke Academy offering is a programme delivered by leading faculties from various European Centres of Excellence.  In assocaition with partners Oruen, a the leading CNS medical publication and multimedia platform


The Medtronic Neurovascular Stroke Academy is a brilliant educational programme helping the new generation of Stroke specialists, they wanted to capture this amazing course and help to shout about it using video marketing 

The Result 

The Shoot Business team produced a video which showcased the the course taking place - conducting interviews with students and teachers on location in Barcelona.  

Pre-production & Planning 

Scoping out the brief and working out the objectives.  Setting up key interviews to help tell the interviews. 

International Shoot days 

1 day shoot in Barcelona capturing key B-roll footage and interviews with professional light and sound 


Editing the final video into an engaging video that showcases the the course and it's results

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