Using video to help this secondary school

The Manchester Health Academy, also known as Manchester Health Academy, is a mixed sex secondary school in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, which opened in September 2010, replacing Brookway High School & Sports College


Covid hit alot of businesses hard especially people in education.  Manchester Health Academy wanted to deliver their open evening via video and also create short snippets that highlights the amazing things this secondary school has to offer

The Result 

The Shoot Business team produced a video which interviewed various staff and pupils producing an engaging video that they showcased at their open evening virtually. We also created short snippets for social media which covered shots from all around the school

Pre-production & Planning 

Setting up amazing  interviews and questions, planning a 2 camera shoot

Shoot days 

Using out expert camera crews to shoot amazing interviews with staff and pupils


Editing the final video into an engaging video that showcases the school 

Some more videos we did for them

We used a multi content video strategy that producing content for them every month! 

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