Now your pooches can go camping too with this cool product!

The Pillion Pooch Motorcycle Dog Carrier the safest way to take your small to medium dog with you on a motorbike. Engineered for safety and designed for comfort with protection from the wind, rain, sun and snow. Your dog can freely move within the carrier to stand up and look out or lay down and have a sleep.


Pillion Pooch needed a way to advertise their product to the masses, demonstrating it's use, benefits and features so people can purchase this amazing product.  

The Result 

The Shoot Business team produced a full video commercial that told an amazing story of 2 campers taking their pooches with them!  

Pre-production & Planning 

Setting up the locations, creating a storyboard, prepping the right equipment such as car rigs and drones  

Shoot days 

Using out expert camera crews to shoot this amazing story in a rural area 


Editing the final video into a compelling story about 2 enthusiastic campers.  

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