As with all forms of marketing, the world of video production is constantly evolving. In order to stay competitive, it is important to pay attention to the latest trends. 2015 saw a major shift towards video marketing and it appears that 2016 will see even more focus on video.

Last year, businesses began to take notice of the benefits of video production. By July 2015, over 400 hours of video were getting uploaded to YouTube every minute. By November, 8 billion videos were being viewed on Facebook every day.

So, now that businesses are catching up to the importance of video marketing and professional media production agencies, what can you expect from 2016? Here are some of the top video trends for businesses to pay attention to.

How Will Businesses Use Videos in 2016?

For the past several years, businesses have been exploring the potential of video production, but not really narrowing down the best techniques for engaging with customers. In 2016, you will see more businesses placing an emphasis on video as a major part of their marketing efforts.

What Trends Should You Look for in 2016?

Even though video production is increasing in popularity for businesses, the surface has not yet been scratched. It is hard to predict the full impact that video will have on marketing, but there are some major trends that you can expect to see in 2016.

This will include the use of branded videos to deliver content to consumers. Blogging has been the driving force in branded content for well over a decade. Articles allow you to keep your customers informed and establish yourself as a reputable source in your industry. As more internet traffic shifts towards video, the method of delivering content changes.

You can also expect more videos on homepages and websites. Most consumers would rather watch a one-minute video describing a product than read several hundred words offering the same information.

By creating a video that describes a product or service in an easy to understand manner, you should be able to increase conversion rates and sales leads. Using video on a homepage is another way to grab a visitor’s attention – which gives the perfect opportunity. You have their undivided attention for up to a minute or two.

Why is 2016 the Year to Step into Video?

Video view counts and the sharing of videos on social media will become of increasing importance. Google and Bing already rely heavily on social media chatter for search engine rankings. This includes sharing and viewing videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Video marketing is nowhere near close to reaching its full potential. Though, businesses are starting to catch on to the benefits of using video to reach and connect with customers. If you have not already used video production services to promote your business, then this is the year to jump on board.

In 2016, the major focus will be on using video as the primary form of content marketing. It will begin to replace or enhance informative blog articles. This year, will also see an increasing number of businesses using video on their websites. They will be used as introductions and to describe products or services.

How Can You Get Video Production Services to keep up?

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