Professional headshots are seen as essential in this day and age to have an online presence whether it be on your company’s website, social media pages or a blog. But what types of headshots are there and which one is best for you?

Types of Corporate Headshots


Standard / LinkedIn Headshots

This is the simplest of headshots and the one you’ll see most frequently on a company’s ‘team’ page on their website or an employee’s LinkedIn profile picture.

The simplicity of this headshot, being a plain shot of the individual, is treated as a safe bet and does the job perfectly well. They’re typically shot in front of a plain background partnered with a friendly, natural smile. 

Team Headshots 

Pretty self-explanatory. Team headshots are essentially the same format as standard headshots except you’re joined by your colleagues.

These images are great for showcasing different departments in the business or to present on your team’s website page. 

Presenter Headshots 

These portraits are more personality led and better suited for a ⅔ body or ¾. The purpose of these images is to highlight your expertise and shining personality to act as marketing material. 

There is more room for creative freedom with presenter headshots, the lighting can be more diverse, depending on the mood and message you’re trying to portray. Does it have a more serious tone? Choose dramatic. Want to be inviting? Go for something with less intense shadows and a natural smile.

What type of headshots do you need?

So, we’ve identified the different types of headshots you can choose but now is deciding what’s best for you or your business.

For a more corporate feel, the standard headshot is best for you to achieve the desired results. If you want to bring in some elements to give the shots more personality, you could try bringing in an item that captures your personality i.e. a football or paintbrush. 

If you had to choose, a commercial look acts as a great multi-purpose image. We provide bespoke photography services from professional to promotional to product.

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