Surge is back!

StreetCars is a market leader the in taxi and transport industry.  With hundreds of professional drivers they have been the major city centre firms for decades.

Used across social media, in store menus, and web, the Shoot Business team produced a video which highlighted the ‘surge’ pricing issue in the taxi industry!

The Shoot Business team came up with the idea of creating a character called SURGE who spoilt the moment! The team created concepts, themes, character building, scripwriting, storyboarding, filming, editing and video marketing!

Creative Concepts 

Coming up with various creative ideas to get the key messages across for the story line!

Actors & locations 

Depending on the scenario, we setup locations and actors to support each story! 

Post-production editing 

Cutting together the best scenes helping each story flow correctly, added with some decent branding, voiceover and overlay animations, the end result was great!

Behind the scenes – See how we did it!

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