Why your staff should be on video?

Featuring employees in videos used for marketing purposes can go a long way towards building trust with your clients. It puts a face to your business and shows your clients who the people behind your services or products are. If you are looking for an effective way to gain the confidence of your clients, learn about the benefits of showcasing video interviews of your staff using professional video production services.

Communicate key messages

As a promotional tool, video marketing is more effective at delivering a message or conveying a feeling than text or audio marketing methods. Videos are also becoming the preferred medium for gathering information on the go – people are more likely to view video content on their mobile devices than read an article.

There are many different ways to use video, such as demonstrating the advantages of your products or services or you could offer helpful information that will benefit your clients or customers. These are all useful ways to reach more people, increase SEO, and improve customer retention, but interviewing your staff provides a few additional advantages:

  • You can show who is responsible for developing your products or services
  • Staff interview videos can answer questions that your clients frequently have
  • It provides an easy way to deliver a direct message to potential clients
  • You can use staff interview videos for recruitment purposes

Above: Video Interview produced by Shoot Business for leading B2B market research company, B2B International.

Who Should You consider video interviews?

Who you should interview depends on the purpose of your video. If you are looking to provide details about your product or service, you may want to interview the staff that is directly responsible for the development or production of the product or service. Customers will get to see the people responsible and put a face to the product or service.

When using video production services to create a recruitment video, you should consider interviewing a wide variety of staff. Include team members from different departments, from project coordinators to sales staff.

If you are showcasing your business’s commitment to a specific cause or goal, feature interviews with employees that are actively involved in the cause, foundation, or event and get their passion across.

The basic concept is to choose to video staff that has direct knowledge of the information that you want to get across to your clients and customers.

What Can You Achieve with Staff Interviews?

Professional video services can ensure you deliver a clear message to your clients or customers. Using staff interviews, you can highlight the benefits of a particular product or service. By featuring the people that have hands on knowledge about your business goals or the reasons for choosing your services, clients will be more confident in choosing your business. Your clients will place their trust in the people they see honestly answering questions about your products or services.

As video becomes even more relevant, as the preferred choice of consuming online information, video marketing will take on added importance. Stay at the forefront of this change by including video as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

How Can You Get Started with a Staff Interview Video?

Video production is an effective way to communicate with your clients. For professional video production services in the UK, contact Shoot Business, a world class video production company with worldwide expertise in professional video interviewing techniques. We have years of experience in video production and marketing. Our team includes everyone needed to create high-quality videos for your business, including writers, interviewers, editors, camera crew, and marketing experts.

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