Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to make use of video. Potential clients can hear from real people and listen to their comments about using your products or services. If you have happy clients, then why aren’t they on video? Take a look at some of the primary benefits of using video production for the creation of customer testimonial videos.

Why Should You Consider Video for Digital Marketing?

Video production is quickly becoming the one of the best methods of reaching potential clients and getting a message to viewers. Using video can increase your web presence and open you put a large audience. More people are relying on video to get details about products, services, and businesses. Within the next few years, video production services are poised to become one of the most utilized forms of digital marketing.

How Effective are Testimonials?

There are many different formats to choose from, when using video production as part of your marketing strategy. You could film your product in use, introduce your business, highlight the advantages of your services; however, video interviews and testimonials offer an honest and personal touch that will connect with your audience.

Testimonials can provide a powerful statement about why others should consider using your products or services. What better way to show the usefulness of your products or services than to interview satisfied clients? They can provide honest information about why they enjoyed your business. Their unbiased opinion of your business is likely to be more accepted by potential clients than a direct sales pitch.

The videos should focus on the actual, practical reasons why your client was happy with your business. This will help substantiate any claims that you make on your website. Using video production for the creation of a testimonial or video interview, you can build trust with your potential clients. They can also help you overcome the difficulty of reaching skeptical clients that are wary of advertising and sales pitches.

What Goes Into a Great Customer Testimonial Video?

When shooting a customer testimonial video, there are a number of best practices that are used to ensure it has the right impact. This involves paying attention to various factors and making sure that they work together for a great video.

  • People
  • Locations
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Marketing

It all starts with people and locations. Selecting the right customers to interview about why they enjoyed your services is crucial to a successful customer testimonial. From there, a location is chosen, to present the video in a natural setting that is relevant to your business. When using video production services, a quality production team can ensure the proper use of lighting, professional editing, and superior digital marketing.

How Can You Get Your Own Customer Testimonial Video?

To get started on the creation of a customer testimonial video for your business, contact Shoot Business today. When it comes to video production, we have a long track record of creating high-quality videos with our in-house team of editors, animators, camera crew, and marketers. We can help create the perfect video for highlighting the strengths of your products or services. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services.

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