In what feels like TikTok’s seemingly overnight success, the relatively new platform has taken the social media landscape by storm, becoming one of the most used apps on people’s smartphones in modern times, with over 800 million active daily users.

Created in 2017, TikTok allows users to create and edit videos to share with friends and the online community. The type of content ranges themes from educational, artistic, lip-syncing to comedy skits. 

The app started to properly enter the mainstream towards the end of 2018 with people becoming fascinated with the app’s algorithm and how anyone’s content could gain viral reach. TikTok allows people to express themselves from creativity to politics to social issues including members of the LGBT+ and ethnic minority communities, giving individuals a virtual safespace to truly be themselves.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok’s content appears less polished, typical of the type of images you’d see on your Instagram timeline. TikTok holds a feeling of authenticity which is a breath of fresh air for avid app users. Some might say it is a window into today’s youth culture and gives young people a newfound voice and expresses concern about the world today.

In terms of marketing, TikTok could be a saving grace for digital marketers or it could be a waste of time and money – this depends on your business and your objectives. So…

Should TikTok be adopted by digital marketers to benefit clients?

The age demographic for TikTok ranges from thirteen to twenty-four year olds. If this is the audience you want to target then launching and investing time into a TikTok account would be beneficial to you. If your business targets an older audience, platforms like Facebook or Instagram may be better suited to your campaigns.

They also offer a TikTok For Business scheme to assist marketers in growing their audience, growing their brand and maximising ROI. As the app evolves overtime, it may become as essential to digital marketers as Facebook Business Manager or Google Analytics. 

It would be incredibly wise to keep your eye on its progression and identify it’s potential for you and your business.

The Future of TikTok

The app is on an upward trajectory and is rapidly moving from a place where teenagers act out dance trends and lip syncs!

As the Coronavirus pandemic drove the world indoors, TikTok soared. The app was downloaded more than 315 million times between the Apple App Store and Google Play over the course of January to March 2020. This was a 58% increase in downloads compared to Q4 in 2019! 

TikTok has filled a void that has been growing online over the past decade. It offers a communal, adaptive and authentic social media and should not be underestimated or viewed as a commodity that will disappear as quickly as it came.

Any business serious about their marketing strategy needs to take the TikTok rise seriously to get ahead and make the most of their user base.  

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