Raising Awarness about Stroke

100,000 people have strokes a year. Stroke strikes every five minutes. Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK. Two-thirds of people who survive a stroke find themselves living with a disability.


Leading medical Publisher, Oruen and medical device company Medtronic decided to do a special piece for World Stroke day with leading experts in Stroke and a Stroke survivor 

The Result 

The Shoot Business team produced this short video which involved key interviews with a patient, his family and leading clinicians to tell the story of this survival and how more is needed to help people who suffer from Stroke.  The video was shared on social media for World Stroke Day 2022.  

Pre-production & Planning

We arranged locations and questions working closely with the client to get the best out of each person.  

Shoot Days 

Using various shoot days the camera crew managed to capture content from various sites from all around the UK. 

Post-production editing 

Making an edit that flowed and told a great story about a Stroke survivor.  

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