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 A study by Integral Ad Science shows us something that 99% of marketers already know.

Video is taking over. 

By 2025, videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. 

In 2023, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of short-form content and reels, leading to an increased consumption of all kinds of video content. LinkedIn users are an incredible 20 times more likely to share video than any other type of content. 

2024 is set to be the beginning of the video golden age. 

Your video growth partner

You’re the marketing leader of your company. 

You are responsible for steering the ship of your brand, managing your crew and keeping all the captains happy. It’s not an easy feat. 

You’ve got objectives to hit and goals to reach. You want to make an impact on your company. 

We want to help you get an edge over your competitors in 2024. The best time to start it now. We’re here to listen to your ideas and give you actionable steps to bring them to life. 

In 2012, our founder Nomi had a vision to empower companies with world-class external video marketing capabilities. He created a unique agency that focused on service, flexibility and creativity. 

We work with marketing departments to empower brands to combine creativity with proven marketing frameworks. We help you tell your story with a captivating video.

In our 45- minute call you'll get:

  • Creative ideas for your next video 
  •  An analysis of your video marketing efforts 
  • A practical video marketing strategy from a team with 20+ years of combined experience in video production. 

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