Kickstarter Video for First Bluetooth Enabled IPHONE CASE

When Shehbaz from GENII approached Shoot Business with his innovative IPhone case he wanted to us to produce a video for crowd funding platform Kickstarter. We were especially happy to help produce a stunning video which involved such an innovative product and concept!

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To produce a video which engages audiences on Kickstarter and encourages them to back the project. Video had to highlight the key concepts, features and have a clear direction for the audience to follow. The video had to tell the story of the development stages and how the company had got to where it is now.

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After thinking through the ideas, script and storyboard the shoot business team set several shooting days to capture the shots we wanted. This included shooting

  • Interviews with the inventor and designers
  • Detailed product shots
  • On location shoots to capture the product in action eg biking scenes, running scenes, cinema scenes
  • How to use the product

Once we had the footage we needed, it was time for editing! The style was interview (with the Inventor and Designers) with clips being used to reinforce what was being said. The end result was a clean and professional video which used animation, text and music to engage viewers and gave them a detailed insight into the product!

The project went live on Kickstarter here Kickstarter GENII Project

Have a look at the final video below

GENII | Kickstarter Project Video Final from GENII | Shehbaz on Vimeo.


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