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Okay, so we’re a little late (it was last month) but, in this day and age of the self-deleting social media short form video, can you blame us? Our attention spams are shrinking amidst an ever increasing influx of information but that doesn’t mean we’re not adapting to the change.

As our digital skills improve, so does our ability to translate and understand the content we encounter. This means video marketing must adapt alongside these changes. Two seconds worth of content is enough to get a brand message out there these days so it’s important you choose the right branding for your company.

At Shoot Business, we’re aware of the influence of social media and the pitfalls many companies fall into in this burgeoning field. One video, while making up 40% of content viewed on a platform like Instagram Stories, will help drive interest in your product with consumers saying they use it to follow brands and discover new products.

However, styling the page around the videos can increase your return on investment (ROI) by 25%. A campaign of follow through ads could be seen over 80% more than a standalone advert allowing you to get more across to the viewer.

Instagram Stories is one of the fastest growing products in Facebook history. Hundreds of millions use the service with a quarter of them viewing Stories daily. Yet only 8% of investment in advertising on the platform by businesses is focussed on this area.

Facebook itself also now offers a Stories feature. Its own brand service has grown FIFTEEN times faster than the traditional News Feed. The older method of sharing videos or photos often means content can be lost amidst all sorts of other posts. With Stories, uploads are automatically at the top of a user’s feed on the website or app and new uploads are placed at the beginning of the queue allowing businesses to bypass Facebook’s advertising algorithms and reaching a larger audience, especially with a campaign of videos.

Get in touch with the team at Shoot Business and see what we can do for you to make the most of Stories. We will do as much or as little of the work as you require from conception, designing a campaign to posting on your social media accounts. Straight forward.


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