When it comes to deciding what photography format to use, it tends to come down to the individual’s personal preference or the context of the shoot.

We’re living in a period where film photography and filmmaking have had a resurgence but you tend to witness the analog format in the more artistic realm, outside of the commercial or business landscape.

Digital is the predominantly used out of the two, but why is digital the more favourable when it comes to photography and videography industries?

Digital Photography


  • Less expensive 
  • Can take as many shots as you like
  • See results instantly 
  • Camera is generally lighter than film cameras
  • Many cameras offer in-built features
  • Reliability 


  • Buying the initial camera and lenses can be expensive 
  • Prints may be limited due to low resolution 
  • Require batteries and charging 
  • More sensitive to heat, cold and moisture 

Film Photography


  • Lower initial cost for the camera
  • Better at capturing black and white details
  • Film cameras are future proof unlike digital who become obsolete 
  • No batteries needed with a lot of film cameras 
  • Film captures higher resolution 
  • Shooting film is more forgiving of focusing and exposure issues 


  • Film, scanning and developing costs are quite expensive
  • Limited amount of exposures per roll (can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the photographer)
  • Potential for labs to make mistakes on your roll 

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