Curtis Law Solicitors

Curtis Law Solicitors are a leading and fast growing North West law firm.  With multiple offices across the UK with a dedicated vision and digital strategy going forward.

“Nomi and the Shoot Business team were fantastic, understood the requirements well and went the extra mile to produce more than we expected! A stunning time-lapse video with lots of creativity and a pleasure to work with. Certainly a firm to use for all your media needs”

Ishfaq Ahmed, LLB, MA, MSc, Business Development Manager, Curtis Law Solicitors.


To create a creative time-lapse video of their head office and various staff members.  The Shoot Business team decided to depict key messages of Curtis Law values on boards to show the expansive quality the law firm has to offer. The end result was a quick, engaging and creative time-lapse  which not only showcased the scale of their offices but their core values and dedication of their staff.

“Time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos are great and allow us to explore more creatively to get across key messages.  I have to commend Curtis Law for looking at new innovative ways to get their brand across”

Nomi Farooq, Shoot Business 

“Time-lapses combine the world of photography and videography to create spectacular motions that are pleasing to the eye and engaging!”

Val Nowak, Head of Photography,
Shoot Business