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Manchester Central School of english is an english school and a leading provider of teaching english to foreign students, based in the heart of Manchester. It attracts students from all around the world. The problem with english language schools and attracting foreign students is that its difficult to get a real insight into the school. Students generally apply to academic institutes without ever visiting them first primarily because of geographic location! So how do we give potential students a better insight?



The solution was to create a set of high quality HD videos addressing different things.

  • Tour video – Presenter going around the school whilst lessons.activities were going on – this gave the feel of a real tour!
  • Student testimonials
  • Teachers testimonials
  • University/College partner interviews
  • Promotional videos to promote courses


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Our team developed a long term relation with the school to enable us to plan and execute videos quickly and efficiently. With various shooting days at the school itself, videos were shot, edited and distributed on the school website ( The videos fitted in well with current online marketing activity with conversions noticeably increasing after videos were introduced. Manchester Central School of English made a dedicated move into digital video production and has since seen the improvement in student enrollments as a direct result


Video Tour

University Interview


Student Testimonial


Teacher Testimonial


Course promotion

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