Need professional animations? 

The Shoot Business team can create professional 2D and 3D animations dealing with the whole process from start to finish! 

Trusted by so many brands


All kinds of animations covered

2D & 3d animations

Simple effective 2D animations created using bespoke styles or more complex 3D animations, we can do it all

Explainer videos

Great for simplyfying a complex concept using animations, text and illustrations! You can utlise a variety of styles!

stop motion

Stop motion is a really fun and engaging way to get your message noticed, frame by frame animation works great with all kinds of concepts! 


We can work on your CGI project whether it's simple 3D modelling or special effects projects

combination animations

We also work on projects where we can mix live footage with 3D/2D animations to make your video dynamic as possible

text and overlays 

Animating text and branding elements help brings your project to life

Why choose Shoot Business for your next animation? 

Shoot Business is a full service digital media agency & video production company specialising in creative media production for all types of businesses and industries.  Based in Manchester and around the UK with experience both national and international. We specialise in video production, animation, photography, web development and digital video marketing.

We have produced powerful animated content for various brands for over 10 years with a proven process that works every time!

Start your animation project!