Using animations to explain services

for DF Capital

Founded in 2016 as a niche commercial lender, DF Capital began a mission to help small and medium- sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK by providing them with flexible finance products that support the growth of their businesses.


DF Capital wanted the Shoot Business team to produce video animations that helps simplify their services for their target audience for easier understanding.  

The Result 

The Shoot Business team produced a a range of 2D animations bespokely created in line with the brand, that explained the services `DF capital offer in a simple concise way so their potential customers can make enquiries

Pre-production & Storyboard

Using the brand guidelines and values we mocked up storyboards

Custom graphics 

Creating assets that fit within the brand using styles agreed upon 

2D Animations 

Bringing assets to life with simple and sleek animations that look amazing 

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