Start your video content journey with a Premium Storyboard 

(Designed specifically for you)

Are you on the fence about creating a full-scale video for your brand or product? Do you want a taste of our expertise without a complete commitment?

With this unique offer, you can get a high-level storyboard created exclusively for your brand, serving as a powerful preliminary step in your video production journey.

Why Storyboard?

A storyboard is the heartbeat of every successful video. It meticulously outlines the core narrative, setting the compass for the entire production. It's the blueprint, ensuring every moment of your video resonates with intent and purpose.

Kicks off your video production

It the very first phase of video production, by the end you will visually see what your end video will look like 

Speak with the experts

We have been doing storyboards and video productions for over a decade so you can trust us to guide you though this initial phase 

A detailed roadmap

If you take this offer to get a premium storyboard done for you, you will have all the tools to create your video content and clearer idea of how to approach it. 

Do you need trusted guidance to help get your video produced?

Considering a video for your brand but unsure where to begin? Experience our expertise firsthand through a comprehensive storyboard designed specifically for you, serving as an ideal starting point for any video project.

Trusted by so many brands

What You'll Receive:

Get a full working storyboard that you can take anywhere to get fully produced


A 2-hour one-on-one brainstorming session with our experts to align your vision with our creativity.


A meticulous storyboard tailored to your brand's story, showcasing key scenes, narratives, and visual cues delivered within 7 days post-session 


Detailed illustrations of main characters, backdrops, and core scenes that will be featured in your video.

messaging and narrative development

Crafting of a coherent storyline that resonates with your target audience and drives your message home.


Want to take your storyboard to full production? Should you choose to advance with a full video production, you'll be given priority scheduling and seamless integration into our production calendar.


Designed for global comprehension meaning you can take our storyboard to any producer, anywhere.

video marketing advice to get your video content seen

If and when you produce your video content from your fancy new storyboard, you will want to know the best practices to get the videos seen, with over a decade of experience working wit marketing departments we will give you some insights from our video marketing game

A personal message

"My name is Nomi, founder of Shoot Business.  I originally started this video agency over 10 years ago with a vision to help brands do better at video marketing.  Fast forward to today and we have worked with 100's of brands and marketing departments to help them with video!

I think this offering to complete a storyboard could be game changer for brands and marketing departments who really want to start their journey to quality video content, that also resonates with the target audience! It's also a great chance to start the process and get to know our team without a big commitment!"

What could my Storboard look like?

OK we know this is Harry Potter 🧙‍♂️ but here is an example of how we could layout your storyboard 

Please Follow the Next Steps

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1.

Book a date for your storyboard session 

Once you apply you will be given the option of dates and times to book your 90 mins session

Step 2.


You will get a confirmation email of your session.  We will also send you a list of questions we need so our team can do all the prep and give you as much value as possible on the call 

Step 3.

90 Min Zoom session

Now it's time to jump on with our team and have some fun.  We start mapping out your storyboard and within 7 days you will receive a high level premium storyboard! Cool right?  

The quality of the work produced by Shoot Business is second to none! We have had lots of great feedback from people who have watched the animation film on how brilliant it looks and how effective the animations are!

Lorraine Hodgson  Manchester Metropolitan University

"I am at the Storyboard stage but what does a full

video production look like?"

Pre-production and planning 


This is the stage to do the storyboard, from here you can organise filming, props, locations, characters etc 


In this stage it's time to roll the cameras and get your content captured, depending on the type of interview this could be shooting general content or conducting video interviews on site.  


Once all the footage is captured, its time to edit the final piece, add music, titles and make sure the narrative works as planned by cutting the right clips

Why work with Shoot Business?

Capturing Visions, Crafting Legacies. For over a decade, we've been at the forefront of the UK's video production landscape, crafting compelling visuals for brands that resonate and inspire. Our tailored creations have catalyzed success, generating billions for our esteemed clientele. Dive in to discover why leading brands trust us to transform their stories into cinematic masterpieces.

marketing mavericks

Beyond production, we're experts in video marketing, ensuring your content isn't just beautiful, but also impactful and result-driven.

billions in results

Our video marketing strategies have contributed to companies generating billions in revenue.

working with brands for over 10 years

Proud collaborators with hundreds of brands, from startups to industry giants.


Money Back Guarantee

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. So if you aren't totally satisfied with your final storyboard we will give you a FULL refund, no questions asked! 

Our pricing

exclusive premium storyboard



one off

plus vat

  • 90 min Zoom session with experts
  • Detailed Storyboard post session
  • Video Ideas 
  • Video Marketing Advice
  • Can be used to do a full video production with us 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the "Done-for-You High-Level Storyboard" service include?

Our service encompasses a comprehensive storyboard creation process tailored to your brand's needs. From initial concept discussions to detailed scene breakdowns, our team manages every aspect, ensuring a top-tier visual blueprint ready for production.

How does this storyboard service differ from others?

With over a decade of experience in the video production industry, we've mastered the art of visual storytelling. Our "Done-for-You" approach means we handle every detail, ensuring a high-level storyboard that captures your vision and leverages industry best practices. Moreover, our storyboards have backed productions that have generated billions for brands, testament to their efficacy and quality.

How long does it take to create a storyboard using this service?

The duration varies based on the complexity and requirements of each project. Typically, a high-level storyboard can take anywhere from a few days to a a week. However, rest assured that our team prioritises both quality and efficiency, ensuring timely delivery that doesn't compromise on the details.

Do I need to provide any materials or input for the storyboard?

While our service is designed to handle the heavy lifting, your insights and brand guidelines are invaluable. An initial consultation will help us understand your vision, after which our team will take over. Of course, any reference materials or specific instructions you provide will enhance the final outcome.

How does the pricing for the "Done-for-You High-Level Storyboard" service work?

 Our pricing is competitive and reflective of the premium service we offer. Factors include the depth of the storyboard, the number of revisions, and any specific requirements you might have. For a detailed quote and breakdown, please get in touch with our team.

What types of videos can the "Done-for-You High-Level Storyboard" service cater to?

Our storyboard service is versatile, designed to cater to a wide range of video types. Whether you're looking for customer case videos, testimonials, product and service showcases, educational content, corporate narratives, or event highlights, our experienced team crafts storyboards that set the perfect foundation for impactful visuals.

How does the storyboard process differ for, say, a testimonial versus a corporate video?

Each video type has its unique storytelling approach. For testimonials, our focus is on personal narratives and genuine reactions, while corporate videos might prioritize brand values and mission statements. With over a decade in the industry, we've fine-tuned our process to ensure that the storyboard aligns seamlessly with the intended video's objectives and tone.

If I have existing footage, like past event clips or product shots, can they be incorporated into the new storyboard?

Absolutely! Existing footage can be a valuable asset. Our team can review what you have and craft a storyboard that seamlessly integrates these elements, ensuring consistency in storytelling while making the most of the resources at hand.