Multiple videos that explain specific services

Nightcover are able to provide out of business hours or 24 hour cover to fit requirements. Their trained agents are typically higher education graduates with science or computer backgrounds, which enables them to provide high-level systems monitoring and resolution services.

The Shoot Business Team was comissioned to produce multiple videos around various services Nighcover offers.  The end result was planning, filming and editing videos which had voiceover that demonstrated some the service in action so their clients can make a purchasing decision easier.  As clients were based in various locations it required our crew to be portable and setup anywhere!

  • Connector.

    Demonstration video with voiceover

    The end result was a video which narrated the services

  • Connector.

    Animations and titles

    Using animated screens and titles we were able to reinforce key messages!

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    Travelling crew

    Our camermen had to setup in various locations

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