A video to promote a new startup in education produced by Shoot Business

Creative Video Production using Green Screen and Animations

The Shoot Business Team worked on this unique project to produce and deliver an expectional video to deliver a strong message in the Education industry.  Using a variety of storyboards, models, green screen and animation we were able to produce a bespoke style that delivered key marketing/educational messages effectively!

  • Connector.

    Green Screen Shoot

    Using latest green screen technology and effects

  • Connector.

    Creative scripts and planning

    Using the models to enact certain scripts

  • Connector.

    Animations and titles

    Using a variety of animation techniques in the edit

Shoot Business Team hard at work!

“Green screen has taken years to perfect but once we got there it opened a whole heap of creative opportunities!”.

Nomi, Founder, Shoot Business 

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