Corporate videos for B2B International

B2B International – The B2B Market Research Specialists

B2B International provides bespoke b2b research services globally, helping it’s clients understand their markets and to make better business decisions.

The Project

B2B International was going through an extensive brand revamp.  Videos were required to communicate key messages and a dedicated online video strategy was required as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.  The Shoot Business team was enlisted to shoot and edit several professional videos and consult on the overall video marketing going forward.

As a result Shoot Business produced several types of videos, working with international teams in the UK & USA to get the right footage and messages across.  We produced

  • A promotional corporate video
  • Staff video interviews
  • Client videos (B2B International’s clients)
  • Video’s on key topics and services

The final videos were to be distributed on the B2B International website, youtube and other online social media networks.


Filming involved our camera crew to shoot at the head office in Bramhall, Manchester and London office, as well as Client locations.  This is where the portable studio and set-up came in handy as it allows us to travel and film anywhere.  We captured additional footage from people working in the offices as extra clips for the corporate video.  We also conducted interviews with directors, staff and clients with a professional lighting & sound set-up.

Editing and final output

Once we had all the footage, voiceovers and branding material, we edited footage together creating a corporate video and a series of other important videos.  This gave B2B International the flexibility to distribute videos regularly over a number of months and keep video content fresh! See below for some of the videos we did

“From the very first contact, we felt as though Shoot Business understood what we were trying to achieve through video. Making corporate videos was not an area we were especially familiar with so we very much appreciated Nomi and his team guiding us smoothly through the process!”

– Caroline Harrison, Marketing Manager, B2B International


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