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Happy customers

Aqeel Arshad 

Director, StreetCars, Manchester

Shoot Business are very personable, listened to the needs of the audience and quickly identified the messages/content we were looking to gain from the shoot.


Director, Royal Cars, Oxford

Our previous agency never hit the level of expectation when it came to managing social media and content.  When Shoot Business came on board this all changed! I am so impressed with how our marketing has improved and working with the whole team is so easy, love their work and would highly recommend! 

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Video Production 

We produce bespoke personalised videos for promotion, marketing, education & social media to attract more customers.  We have helped loads of brands with video marketing and consultancy to elevate them when it comes to compelling media content.

With over 10 years experience in the digital media industry, Shoot Business is the right choice for all your video production needs. We take care of everything from storyboarding, scripting right through to filming and editing.


Taxi firms require photography for all kinds of reasons covering staff, cars, customers, apps, city vibes and more! These can be used on your website, social media channels & shared anywhere online. Our photography work has appeared offline too including flyers, cards, billboards, shopping centres & airports

We use the latest photographic techniques and equipment to ensure we get some stunning imagery of your business!

Social Media 

When it comes to social media we take a content + management approach. 

This means you get the very best content posted at the right time to maximise your reach resulting in more people looking at brand.  

Other types of content we do for firms includes graphic design, memes, GIF's, articles so our clients get a real good mix on their social media feeds to keep your audience interested.  

FREE Marketing Advice

for all our clients

We regularly work with marketing departments and business owners to help them achieve their objectives. With our own experience and marketing backgrounds we offer all our clients FREE  marketing advice through 1 to 1 sessions so you can get your content in front of the right audience. We don't just settle at producing content, we want to see them work for you!

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If, for any reason, we don't deliver what we promised in the beginning, we will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked! 

What kind of Taxi videos are there?

Driver and Staff Recruitment Videos

Challenge: Need more drivers to work for taxi firms 

Solution: Shoot Business creates videos from scratch covering drivers currently working to attract more drivers and can then potentially run video marketing campaigns that will lead to more applications.  We carried out video interviews with key drivers who talked about their story and what it's like being a driver.  

We know the issue we are seeing within the private hire industry is finding drivers. Drivers now have the power to drive with whoever they want to. So you need to highlight why drivers should go with you. 

At the moment we are currently helping Royal Cars Oxford and StreetCars with driver recruitment by making videos about drivers. Focusing on the reason why driving with Royal Cars benefits them. 

A recruitment video produced by Shoot Business for Royal Cars, Oxford.  

APP booking videos

Challenge: More app downloads to increase journey bookings 

Solution: Videos that can show customers how easy it is to use your app and how they can start using 

We produced the above video in a unique creative style (Point of view) which tells a story of a person getting to the Church on time! Using expert video production crews, various locations and actors we were able to promote the StreetCars app effectively.  

Meet Surge! Constantly ruining the moment when surge pricing hits! We produced this character and sketch which uses humour to promote the StreetCars App! 

Here is a short video Shoot Business produce using actors to demonstrate how east it is to book from Manchester Airport with leading taxi firm StreetCars.  

Community videos

Challenge: Create content which isn't just about booking taxis but show you are a firm that is part of the community and people life styles 

Solution: Connect with key businesses in your town or city and do joint videos which shows people what they do with a community feel 

Royal Cars commissioned Shoot Business to do a series called Experience Oxfordshire which highlights activities in the local community. Whether it be local restaurants or activities in the local area that could be of interest to your customers. Doing this has helped Royal Cars become a voice for change in the community.  

For StreetCars we developed a series called 'Explore the city' giving them a voice in the community! 

Festive videos

Challenge: Connect with your customers at festive periods and help increase your exposure at key times of the year 

Solution: Commercial level videos ads such as Christmas videos that tell a great story

Royal Cars commissioned Shoot Business to do a series called Experience Oxfordshire which highlights activities in the local community. Whether it be local restaurants or activities in the local area that could be of interest to your customers. Doing this has helped Royal Cars become a voice for change in the community.  

The Shoot Business team produced this video to bring the Christmas spirit to Oxfordshire! 

Social media videos

Challenge: Quality video and photo content to make your firm stand out on social 

Solution: Booking video and photo shoots so we can create quality video content to feature on you social media channels 

Social media  for a lot of companies is the best way to interact with your customers. It is key to keep your customers engaged and willing to stay connect with you. We can create monthly content for you to keep your feed on socials active and not becoming generic.

The pandemic hit all people in transportation hard...using video we were able to demonstrate the great work local firms were doing to keep people safe.  

Short videos to capture attention are a great way to get more engagement, short and snappy! 

Shoot Business were able to cover this video production which saw social media influencer Labumba and Royal Cars collaborate!