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The OECD LEED Forum team

Introduction to the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
LEED Forum, produced by Shoot Business

Video Production and Hyper Lapses for OECD

The Shoot Business Team was comissioned to work with OECD to cover an international event and create something that would explain what the organisation did.  Above you can see a hyperlapse with all the people in the organisation and we also conducted one-on-one interviews to give audiences more of an understanding of the issues the forum was trying to address.  Truly powerful and unique, in the fantastic and iconic Manchester Town Hall.

  • Connector.

    Multiple camera shoot

    With various cameras at the event we able to cover the event extensively with different styles

  • Connector.

    Timelapse & Hyperlapse

    Setting up a story using creative hyperlapse photography.

  • Connector.

    Video interviews

    Interviews with key people at the event.

Shoot Business Team hard at work!

“A fabulous location allowing us to create some epic timelapses and hyperlapses to tell the story of OECD, wonderful to work with them!”.

Val Nowak, Head of Photogpraphy 

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