Corporate Fashion Photography at it’s very finest!

Bow tie By Design (BTBD) is an English based company that decided to take a step back in history, adore what once was a beautiful fashion statement, and revitalise its affluence. Through dedicated research into the history and design of the bow tie, Bow Tie By Design was able to restore the stories and styles of the original neckwear.

Shoot Business shot and edited exquisite photographs which were used in marketing material, social media and the website

  • Connector.

    Profesional Photography

    Using various wide and close angles to capture what was needed

  • Connector.

    Professional editing

    Editing and colouring pics afterward to finish on the high quality

  • Connector.

    Website and social media ready

    Optimised quality for the new branding, website and social media channels

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    Fashion models and locations

    Using a variety of models and location our team were able to produce great quality results!

Shoot Business model and location set!

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