Stop Talking Start Doing: Technical Women in Manchester

The gender gap in technology is a hot topic right now. We all know it. So now is the time to stop talking and start doing.

This evening’s event – with your help – will focus on the changes that we can make at home, in education and in the workplace to start addressing the lack of women in technology across all sectors and taking away actionable items.

What did Shoot Business do?

The objective was to produce a set of high quality images for use on social media and online.  The idea was to capture the value and environment of the event with both natural and set up shots.  Shoot Business provided

  • Professional photographer
  • Array of quality lenses for various looks
  • Professional editing
  • Professional lighting
  • Continuous shooting throughout

The end result was a set of engaging images which were high quality and more importantly met the needs of the organisers.

  • Connector.

    Profesional Photography

    Using various wide and close angles to capture what was needed

  • Connector.

    Professional editing

    Editing and colouring pics afterward to finish on the high quality

  • Connector.

    Website and social media ready

    Optimised quality for the new branding, website and social media channels

Shoot Business event coverage!

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